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Average Rating: 2.78 out of 5
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Themes: Amateur, Anal Sex, Big Cocks, Big Loads, Cops/Firemen, Facial Cumshots, Oral Sex, Rimming, Straight Guys.
Stars: Officer Jake, Travis, Fireman Ethan, Officer Eric, Officer Connor
Studio: All-American Heroes
Duration: 90 minutes


Scene 1 - Officer Jake and Civilian Travis

The very married and totally hot, Officer Jake, takes charge of a cute, young, straight skater boy, Travis, who's just out of the Navy. Travis may be a civilian now but he still knows how to take orders. So when Officer Jake likes his cock sucked deep, his balls and asshole worshipped, and his hot jizz shooting in a mouth and all over a pretty face. It's mission accomplished.

Scene 2 - Officer Jake and Fireman Ethan

In some ways these two hot, straight, married men may have created the kinkiest scene we've ever shot. As in all his previous scenes, Officer Jake is totally dominant and uses his co-star to orally service him. But in this scene, check-out Jake's bemused smile as he looks beyond the set. He's watching the reaction of Ethan's newlywed wife who's watching her husband get his first dick in his mouth. She gets an eyeful as Jake relentlessly fucks Ethan's mouth and has the cute fireman lick his nuts. When Officer Jake starts gushing cum near Ethan's face, the fireman tries to avoid taking the facial, but get hits by a wad anyway. The mortified _expression on the fireman's face is a classic. You can imagine the only thing on Ethan's mind is "Dear God, just let it be over!" Twisted.

Scene 3 - Officer Jake and Officer Eric

In this scene, Officer Eric is all about servicing Officer Jake. He masturbates Jake and he kisses and licks that married stud's big dick and balls. The always dominant Jake takes control of the situation and force-fucks Eric's mouth until he gets the deep throat he prefers from a cocksucker. Cum shots from Jake are always big and explosive and this scene was no exception. Eric opens his mouth and gets a huge facial. Several big wads shoot directly in Eric's mouth and the rest of Jake's cum cover his face. Eric eagerly cleans Jake's cock with his mouth catching the last cum oozing out of the stud's cock with his tongue.

Scene 4 - Officer Jake and Officer Connor

Watching two straight, married cops engaging in homosexual acts is plenty hot enough. But when both men are drop-dead gorgeous it raises the temperature even higher! There's no mistaking that Officer Connor is a native Californian. His dark brown hair, beautiful blue eyes and flawless tan give him away. Connor has the lean hardbody of the amateur tennis player he has always been. Officer Jake, while also a native Californian, has the build and look of a football player. And at 6'3", he's nearly a half foot taller than Connor. So since Jake will only get serviced by a man, Connor became the designated cocksucker. He also bends over to take Jake's big cock up his ass. Connor's good efforts in his video debut are rewarded with a huge, creamy facial from Jake. Yum.

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