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Average Rating: 2.86 out of 5
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Themes: Anal Sex, Big Cocks, Big Loads, Black, Collegiates, Hairy, Oral Sex, Rimming, Smooth, Young Men.
Stars: Zak Spears, Wes Daniels, Steve Maverick, Scott Hardman, Damien, Kevin Kramer, Tom Sawyer, Tanner Reeves
Studio: Mustang
Duration: 90 minutes


Wes Daniels is the cocky football player who's let his grades slide. Scott Hardman is the demanding coach who's ready to cut Wes from the team…unless the jock can prove himself worthy of Coach's favor. Determined to keep his position, Wes shows flexibility and dedication as he submits to the coach's desire and eagerly settles upon the task of satisfying Coach's needs…and Coach Hardman is intent on giving Wes the special training he'll need to make first string.

Tanner Reeves, Scott Davis and Kevin Kramer hit the showers and it isn't long before each man has settled into a soapy session of masculine play. As the threesome devote themselves to pleasure, the coach observes unseen in the doorway, stroking his thick cock and loving the view. When Scott and Kevin have spilled their loads, the coach interrupts…ordering everyone but Tanner to leave. Alone with this muscled player, Coach Hardman feverishly settles in to give Tanner a lesson in wide receiving. The two jocks lose themselves in a fury of fucking.

Zak Spears is looking for a little locker room action and Coach's assistant Tom Sawyer looks like he'll fit the bill just fine. With a little encouragement and a lot of magnetism, Zak gets Tom right where he wants him…on his knees. As the men warm up to their locker room play, desires mount and the action intensifies until the two studs are soaked in sticky streams of satisfaction—eager for the next score.

Something's gotta give. The coach is just being too demanding, so Wes, Zak and the team decide to take the offensive. You won't want to miss one moment of the action as Damien—a player from the rival team—uses the Coach Hardman's unfettered libido to lure him into a lusty trap where studs Steve Maverick and Scott Davis give their coach the kind of workout any sportsman will appreciate.

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