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To reach us via email:

All inquiries should be directed to: rentals@maledvd.net

What is the selection like?

We have a wide selection of movies - everything from twinks to daddies, from sex with condoms to bareback sex. As a member, you'll be able to choose from any of our 6100 titles - five times the selection of a typical adult video store.

Our web site is available 24 hours a day and makes finding great movies easy. We offer a powerful search engine, dozens of themes and tons of studios to browse through. We also offer movie recommendations based on member ratings, top rented lists and special collections to help you find movies you'll that will make you hot!

How does the free shipping work?

Select your movies at sign-up and they should arrive in your mailbox within 3 to 6 business days via first class mail. When you finish watching a movie, simply put it in its pre-paid envelope and mail it back to us. After we receive it, we'll send your next available movie. Shipping is always free both ways - no hidden charges.

  1. Members receive movies in a postage paid envelope, very discreet.
  2. Once open, you'll find a second postage paid envelope enclosed
  3. Simply place your viewed DVD into the envelope and drop it into your nearest postal box. 

How fast will I get my movies?

All movies are shipped postage paid via USPS First Class Mail from Michigan. Expect delivery within 3 to 6 business days . (this is approximate)

Can I cancel any time?

Absolutely. You can easily cancel your membership anytime, online, 24 hours a day. There are no cancellation fees.

Exceptions... There are certain zip codes where we cannot ship to.?We apologize, however, we must comply with state and municipal laws.

Why don't all DVDs arrive together?

Even though we may send out all of your DVD selections on the same, you may not receive them all together... It is all dependant on the USPS sorting system.   This also happens when you return DVDs to us... Each time we receive a DVD from you, you will receive an email confirmation advising we have received the DVD.

To speed up our process we ask that you place the correct DVD in the correct DVD sleeve and in the correct blue return envelope.?The sleeve and the envelope contain the DVD #... i.e. BLU002

I don't always receive my top selections, why is that?

Currently, the Maledvd priority system, like all other online DVD rental companies does not allow you to choose the exact order in which your DVDs arrive. The order in which you receive DVDs depends on a number of factors including availability of titles, how long something has been in your QUEUE and your priority rankings.?We always recommend keeping at least 30 to 50 titles in your QUEUE.

What is the best way to maximize my membership at Maledvd.net?

When you receive your DVDs, watch them, but don't wait to return them all at the same time, as you finish watching the DVDs place them back into the correct DVD sleeve and the matching return envelope and drop it off at your nearest mailbox.?As soon as we receive your DVD we will ship out your next one.?If you do it this way you will always have a rotation of DVDs... If you send them back all at the same time, there will be a lag between you getting your next selections.

My DVD player won't play any of the DVDs with a blue playing surface (bottom of DVD). Why not?

Certain production companies use DVD-R discs instead of standard discs. Any recent players will play DVD-Rs, but older models won't. These DVDs have a blue playing surface and are used by the following studios:

All American Heroes, Active Duty, Amateur Straight Guys, D&E Productions, East Harlem Productions, Gordi Films, Hot Desert Knights (newer titles), Latino Fan Club, Puppy Productions, Sable Productions, San Diego Boys, Spank This, Thai Twink, Tropical Tease Productions, and Three X Films. If you still wish to watch titles from these producers you will need to purchase a new DVD player. 90% of current players will play DVD-Rs, but we recommend you ask before you buy one. If you do not wish to buy a new player, we recommend you remove titles from those producers from your queue, since they probably won't play.

Restricted Shipping Areas

All of the following areas constitute PROHIBITED AREAS from which no part of the Site may be accessed, viewed, downloaded or otherwise received: Entire states that we WILL NOT ship to: ALABAMA, TENNESSEE.

Zip codes that we WILL NOT ship to:

Florida 32300 thru 32399, 32500 thru 32599
Oklahoma City, OK 73100 thru 73199
Newport News, VA 23600 thru 23699
Fairview Heights, IL 62208
Belleville, IL 62220, 62221, 62222, 62223, 62226
Southern, OH 45000 thru 45999
Mississippi 38600 thru 39799
Utah 84000 thru 84199, 84300 thru 84799
Montana 59100 thru 59199
North Carolina 28200 thru 28299